Frequently Asked Questions


What is Story Roads©?

Story Roads is a company specializing in the stories of the talented children's author, Karen Ehrenberg.  Some of her work comes in book form, and some are provided in full-cast Children’s Audio Theatre (C.A.T.) format. The goal has been to bring back the charm and benefits of Radio Theatre from yesteryear, and combining it with the modern pace and styling of today’s book on tape. 

Our stories are incredibly entertaining and perfect for daily drive- time listening, a quiet family-time activity, or as a perfect bedtime tool.  It is a style of entertainment the whole family can enjoy together.  (A true rarity in our world today!)  

Not only are Story Roads productions completely fun and engaging to listen to, they are also GOOD for you.  In today’s highly visual world, most children only listen to things that have accompanying visual stimulation.  The ability to listen and process what they hear, without that visual stimulation attached, has become increasingly difficult for many kids.  All parents today know the frustration of having to continually repeat themselves unless eye contact is achieved.  Just ask any teacher and he or she, will tell you that our children's attention spans are now measured in “nanoseconds” unless their lessons are visually stimulating.  Listening to the Story Roads CD's helps to strengthen listening, imagination, visualization and memory skills. 

In the near future, we will be providing Karen's stories in book form as well.

What makes these CD's different from a book on tape?

Story Roads productions are ALL full cast recordings using original material written specifically for this medium, like a radio play – only with a faster pace and style.  A book on tape is just that- the reading of a published book.  It is normally read by only one person, exactly as it is written, word for word.  Since our productions have a full cast of professional actors who, like Radio Theatre, perform our story for you, it becomes far more engaging and entertaining for the listener. 

 What does full cast audio mean?

Full Cast means that every character has its own professional actor bringing it to life.  It should be noted that, whenever possible, it is Story Roads goal that once an actor begins with a character at the beginning of a series, that same actor will be the voice of that character all the way through the series to give the listener the opportunity to have continuity and grow attached to their favorite character voices. 

What does original audio story mean?

Story Roads provides original stories that have never been heard before.   The format the story has been performed in is specifically for audio storytelling.   The book format would be slightly different being in a reading format vs. a listening one. (It should be noted that each and every one of our stories and its characters, are fully protected with copyrights and registered with the US Copyright office to protect them across all audio/video/publishing and merchandising mediums.)   

What does chapter/serial style mean?

It means that while each story in a series will have its own beginning, middle and end.  The next story in the series will pick up and carry on telling what takes place next, then next…etc.  Think Harry Potter or your favorite soap opera (day or night)…While some questions may get answered, new adventures, and new issues are introduced

What age group are these stories targeting?

Each story is different.  Take a look on our products page for a description of the story and the targeted audience age group.  The beauty of our stories is that while they are written with children in mind, whether younger or older, it is our goal that any age listener will be entertained as the writing does not "talk down" to children.    

 How is the appropriate age recommendation determined?

Story Roads stories have been used with test audiences and discussed with an advisory group of varied professionals who work with children and assist us with these determinations.  As such, once the youngest age of listener is determined for a series, Story Roads is committed that those productions then remain responsible regarding their context, to ensure that all material is appropriate for them.   

Are these stories published as books, too?

In time all of Karen's works will be offered in book and full-cast Children’s Audio Theatre (C.A.T.) format.

 Do you offer any stories targeting adults?

Story Roads focuses only author, Karen Ehrenberg's children's work.