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Welcome to Story Roads! 

Our products are unbelievably FUN and ENGAGING.  We have CD's of original story content.  And will soon feature books as well from our author, Karen Ehrenberg. 

With our CD's, we provide original storytelling at its finest.  Performed by a full cast of actors, these stories are exciting to listen to.  Plus, young people today rarely have the opportunity to utilize their listening skills without visual stimulation.  Our original stories are so entertaining you and your children will never realize they are also doing something that is good for them. 

If you don’t believe us…check out what the experts are saying by clicking on Endorsements.   Please visit our “Products” section and see what wonderful CD’s, and coming soon, our Books available.  Or if you want to learn more about us, look in Frequently Asked Questions.   

The benefits to listening to our CD's are numerous:

  • Your child's listening skills will improve- something today's children desperately need, but rarely get.

  • Your child's memory, imagination, and concentration will be stimulated, which every teacher in America would appreciate greatly.

  • The stories can be enjoyed together during normal daily activity drive times (regardless of the ages present). Just think parents, no more arguments in the car about what to listen to on the way to the store!

  • They are a fun and enjoyable bedtime tool, too. After you finish reading a storybook...snuggle up with your child, relax, close your eyes and just enjoy listening to an original story together.  Before you know it...your child will be in dreamland!

  • Sharing thoughts about the stories and, the characters, will offer a new source of lively conversation and subtle lessons can be learned.

  • These stories are so delightful, exciting and entertaining, it will bring your family together the way Radio Theatre did back in the Golden Age.